About Us

We practice and offer help getting started with Rinzai Zen Buddhism.


Our address is: 2014 Perry Place, Jacksonville, FL 32207

Meeting Times

We gather for Morning Service on Sundays, starting at 8AM. The schedule is:
  • 8-8:45: 45-minute zazen period (sitting meditation)
  • 8:45-9: 15-minute kinhin (walking meditation)
  • 9-about 9:45: 45 minutes of chanting (with recitations)
  • 9:45-10: Another 15-minute kinhin
  • 10-10:30: 30-minute zazen period
  • 10:30-11 or so: Discussion over tea

For newcomers looking for an introductory experience, we suggest arriving around 9:45 AM (during the walking meditation) for the second sitting and the tea.
There is no charge for meeting with us. We are entirely supported by free-will offerings.

Contact Us

For more information, send an email to zenrin@bellsouth.net, or call us at (904) 398-6905.