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Cover art: Detail of the Song landscape "Travelers among mountains and Streams" by Fan Kuan, National Palace Museum, Taipei, Taiwan. Cover Calligraphy: "Zen Rin Ku Shu" by Shimano Eido Roshi. Actual size of the book is 5 3/4" x 8 3/4".

Each phrase in this book is the expression of enlightenment itself-beyond space and time and culture and language. I hope that readers of this book will not only read this collection again and again, but also be inspired by these sayings to do more and stronger zazen practice-to realize their own true nature.

--from Eido Roshi's Introduction

Each phrase was translated anew from the Chinese original into colloquial American English. With these close interlinear English translations, this book can be used as a beginning (Zen) Chinese-English reader.

--from the Preface

Without exaggeration, your work exemplifies simplicity, understanding, and grace more than anything I have experienced.

--Brent Pace

[These] sensitive translations ... [are] a unique addition to any Dharma library. ... Each phrase is expressed in three ways: in the original Chinese text, in Shibayama Roshi's Japanese version, and in the English translation by Lewis. Finally, Shibayama Roshi's pointed explication to each phrase is translated by Lewis into English. ... As we read more Zen [phrases], we come to appreciate their allusive character more and more. One will clearly derive from another, yet suggest a new nuance. ... The reader will be continually astonished at the great breadth of Zen poetry. ... [This "grove"] entangles us in the study of poetry--beautiful poetry that adds yet another pleasure to our study of Dharma--and makes us curiouser and curiouser.

--Jiro OshoAndy Afable

Book of the Zen Grove, 2nd Ed. - 160 pages

  Book of Zen Grove







Zen Grove Handbook - 576 pages

  Zen Grove Handbook




The Zen Grove Handbook (ZGH) is a complete translation of the "standard" Japanese Zen book of Chinese phrases used in Rinzai Zen koan practice. The Book of the Zen Grove (BZG) is a selection of phrases of the most immediate use to American Zen students made from that book. The BZG translations have been revised and corrected for the ZGH. The ZGH has a more extensive bibliography and index and is easier to use.

Shipping and Handling: For the ZGH: U.S.A. $5; Canada US$12; all other countries US$15. For the BZG and for Hungry Zen: Inquire.

Florida State Residents please add 6% Sales Tax.

To order, please send a check or money order with your address to:

Jacksonville Zen Sangha
c/o Zenrin Lewis
2014 Perry Place
Jacksonville, FL 32207

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